November 2014 | Spoon and Stable

spoon and stable HVAC by Legend Mechanical

One of the most acclaimed restaurants to hit Minneapolis in years, Spoon and Stable features an open kitchen grill located in the dining room, a creative HVAC layout, and a spectacular wine room. If you think our work is good, you should try the food here!

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Reservations extend out 3 months which means the cooking area ventilation needs to function properly and perform for extended periods of time to accommodate the constant load.

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With multiple ovens, grilles, and a wood burning stove located in the dining area, proper balance of air delivery and exhaust is critical so the patrons don’t notice anything but fine dining and high quality food.

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The wine cooler is another eye catching display of creativity to admire and enjoy, but behind the scenes is a refrigeration system working around the clock to maintain the perfect temperature.

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The HVAC layout is critical in providing maximum comfort while not detracting from the décor of the old world feel of the facility

Spoon and Stable Minneapolis

Thank you Gavin Kaysen for sharing your wonderful love of hospitality and food!